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Coyote Run Club

Run Fast!
Run Fast!

   Our vision is to promote and encourage health and fitness among students and parents, while having loads of fun!


The Run Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:55 - 8:25am at the school blacktop. Kids run as many laps as they can around the field to upbeat music and receive high fives and encouragement from parent volunteers. Gatorade and water are provided. There are exciting incentives for all runners! While kids are running and having fun, they are improving their cognitive and academic abilities. What a win-win!


So bring your kids and come join us as we kick off the day with some exercise.  To join the Coyote Creek Run Club, come to the black top on Tue/Thu and fill out the registration form. Or download it from this website and bring it with you!


Also, be sure to join our Konstella Run Club group under "committees" to stay up to date on the runner's progress, scheduling changes, special events, and more!


Questions? Contact Carrie LaMarche, Run Club Chair, at

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Run Club
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