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Site Council


The School Site Council serves as the governing board of Coyote Creek Elementary.  The Council is composed of teachers, parents, other school personnel, and the Principal.  The Council works collaboratively to develop, monitor and assess our school improvement budget, the school site plan, as well as school safety.

Site Council elections are held each spring. Each year two parent volunteer positions will be open for general election. Please watch your regular school communications for election planning or feel free to contact the principal, or any site council member.

Our monthly agendas are posted on our website and also on site.  Site Council meets in the library, one Thursday a month, from 3:30-4:30. Occasionally, Council times are changed to support members doing observations of student programs during the school day.


Role of the Site Council

The main tasks of the Coyote Creek School Site Council are as follows:

  • Create and maintain a comprehensive school plan that addresses budget, strategies to meet academic standards, and the overall Coyote Creek School vision.
  • Budget and allocate School Improve Plan funds in a manner that supports the school objectives.
  • Periodically examine schoolwork, math, and writing samples in accordance with academic goals.
  • Monitor and maintain appropriate goals as established in the school plan.

Over the course of a year, the Site Council works with the Principal to evaluate the school's progress towards the goals included in the Single Plan for Student Achievement. To monitor performance, individuals who are responsible for programs in the School Plan are invited to make presentations to the council during the scheduled meetings. During these presentations, the Council seeks to understand the nature of the program, its success, and opportunities for improvement.

Admin. Representatives
Contact Bill Alpert  Bill Alpert Principal
Contact Leona Lam  Leona Lam Assistant Principal
Teacher Representatives
Contact Rachele O'Loane  Rachele O'Loane Teacher

Parent Representatives

Clarissa Adas

David Brown

Chuping Liu

Misty Lohe

Marzi Oghabian

Shail Rajan

Ruchika Vats