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Mrs. Hallworth's Email

Meet Your Teacher

I am excited to be teaching second grade again at Coyote Creek, and look forward to the school year ahead. I love working with such a great group of teachers, staff, and families. This is my 13th year of teaching in SRVUSD and 6th year at Coyote Creek.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in American Studies from The University of Birmingham, England, where I was born and raised. After moving to California I earned my Teaching Credential from California State University, Hayward.

The San Ramon Valley is a wonderful place to live, raise children, and explore. In my free time I enjoy walking my dog, drinking coffee, shopping, and spending time with my family. 


Deborah Hallworth

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Room 14 is Ready!


Welcome to Room 14

Welcome to Room 14 Second Grade Families!

I hope you are enjoying these final days of summer!

I am excited to meet you and your second grader and I look forward to the new school year ahead. 


First Day of School - At 8:35am, I will meet the class on the blacktop at our classroom number - Room 14.

School ends at 12:25pm on the first day of school. Please talk with your child about WHERE they will go at the end of the school day (front of school, basketball courts, Kids Country, bus, walk etc). The end of first day is often very overwhelming for students and I want to make their dismissal as simple as possible for them.


There is no need to bring any school supplies to class. All supplies will be purchased with your kind donation from Registration.


Just a reminder:

School starts at 8:35am every day.


Assessment Days: For the first 2 weeks of school, second graders will be dismissed early, at 1:55pm, so teachers can spend time assessing students. I will send a letter home the first day of school informing you of the day I would like to keep your child after school. 


Snack - please send a small, healthy snack each day. Make sure it is labeled with your child's name. Children may also bring a labeled water bottle each day  to keep in the classroom.

Dismissal Procedure - please make sure your second grader knows where to go after school:

front of the school to be picked up by bus/car/van etc, walk to the basketball courts to meet you, or walk to Kid's Country.


Flexible Seating in Room 14

Welcome to Flexible Seating in Room 14


Dear Parents,

When you walk into my classroom, you are going to notice that it will look a little different than other classrooms you have seen. Yes, it is well decorated, bright and fun.  It has chairs, stools, bean bags, and lots of space, but you’ll notice that something is missing. The missing piece is a specific desk for each student.


Last school year, my students enjoyed using wobble stools, bean bags, wobble cushions, standing desks, and floor seating as an alternative to a traditional classroom chair. Many students found that when given the opportunity to select their own type of seating that allowed movement and choice, they were more focused and engaged in their learning.


Research has been done that studies students who are given access to “alternative seating” in their classroom, and some of the findings are that “alternative seating:”

1.      helps student attention spans which results in higher achievement

2.      makes students more actively engaged in the classroom

3.      gives them an active outlet without disrupting their learning

4.      motivates students to want to come to school

5.      helps develop a sense of community among the students which improves their social skills

6.      helps them to become independent learners

7.      is LOVED by the students and teacher          


This year, your child’s second grade classroom will be an alternative seating classroom. I do understand that some kids would prefer a regular desk and chair. I will have some desks with chairs set up for those learners. Those who prefer an “alternative” seat can choose from:  bean bags, floor cushions, beach chairs, wobble stools, regular stools, armchairs, or sitting/laying on the floor with a clipboard. If they prefer standing, I have raised desks for them to work at. The students’ supplies will be placed in caddies on shelves for easy access. They will learn how to access their supplies and choose a spot that suits them.

I am looking forward to a great year with your second grader!



Weekly Specials

Tuesdays - Science Lab

Wednesdays - P.E.

Fridays - Library and P.E.