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Spring Benefit Locker
12/6/13 3:31 PM
3/7/15 3:07 PM

Classroom Donations

What is the Classroom Auction Project?

The Classroom Auction Project is an item created by a classroom and donated to CCLF for the Online Auction Website. The project can be any kind of creative group effort such as a “themed” Basket, Children’s artwork, etc. See the Class Donations Guidelines document in the Spring Auction Locker for suggestions.

How the Online Auction Works with classrooms:

The finished class project is assigned a “value” and opening bid price. When the online bidding begins, families register and log in to the CCLF Auction Website. Once logged in, all online auction items can be viewed. The goal is to have someone bid on each classroom project. The classroom projects are priced low for the opening bid.  A photo of the project is all that is needed for easy online viewing. Typically, the children’s artwork projects are assigned a “Priceless” value.


If you need help or have questions, do not hesitate to contact anyone on the CCLF Auction Committee. Our goal is to raise money for the children so they can have programs such as Library, Computer Lab, and Music just to name a few. We want to emphasize that this is not meant to add unnecessary burden to the parent that has stepped up to be the Classroom Project Lead. We truly appreciate all the help and support parents give.