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Fun Run FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a PTA or CCLF event and what does the money go for?
A. This is a CCLF sponsored event. All the money raised will go directly back to the school for the benefit of the children. Targeted programs include music, library and computer instruction for grades K-5, para-educators in the classroom and much more.


QDo I need to fill out the pledge form if all pledges are made on the online platform?
A: No, you don’t need to fill out the pledge form if pledges are made online. However, the waiver must be turned in as it is required for every child participating in the Fun Run.


Q. If a child does not get any pledges can he/she still participate?
A. Yes, everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of whether they get any pledges.  All children must have signed waivers in order to participate.


Q. When are the pledge forms due and where do I turn them in? 
A. Pledge forms should be returned by Wednesday, March 21st to your classroom teacher.


Q. When are donations due?

A. Donations are not due until April 18th. Even though the donations are not due until after the event, students are encouraged to collect pledges before the Fun Run.


Q. What is a Flat Donation and a per lap donation?
A. There are two ways to pledge -- you can pledge a certain dollar amount per lap (i.e. $5 per lap x 10 laps = $50) or if you wish you may just pledge a Flat Donation which is a set amount no matter how many laps your child runs (i.e. $50.00 total - whether your child runs 1 lap or 20 laps you still pledge $50). 


Q. Are there any incentives for raising more funds? 
A. Firstly, all donations are tax-deductible and are used to support school programs. Children who earn $100 or more are entered into a drawing for exciting raffle prizes. There are many fun incentives for reaching target fundraising levels. More details to come soon…


Q. Can children walk or do they have to run?
A. The lap is about 1/8 of a mile. Each grade will be allotted approximately 20-25 minutes to run the laps.


Q. What should my child wear for the fun run?
A. Participants are encouraged to wear hats and sunscreen if it’s sunny and good walking/running shoes. Children will be provided Fun Run T-shirts on the day of the event and are encouraged to wear their Fun Run T-shirt over their clothes.


Q. Do the TK/Kindergartners and 1st Graders run together?
A. There are two separate courses, so they will run at the same time but on separate courses (TK and Kindergarteners run on one course, 1st Graders run on another).


Q. What are the volunteer duties?
A. The day of the event volunteers are needed to: stick QR coded labels onto the children’s shirts and scan their QR codes each time they complete a lap. We also need volunteers to pass out water at water stations and pickup/setup snack for each set of grades. In the morning, we need help with setting up the field and taking it down after the event. Before and after event day, volunteers are needed to collect permission slips, pledge forms and donations.


Q. If a parent is volunteering can he/she bring siblings? 
A. This is a community event and siblings are welcome. If you are volunteering, please let the room parent know so an appropriate position can be assigned.


Q. Can grandparents help?
A. Yes. This is a great event for grandparents to help!!! The kids would love to see grandparents helping at school.


Q. If I want to volunteer to help, who do I contact? 
A. If you can help during the day or with filing and paperwork prior to or after event daythen please email Jay Balasubramanian,  If you want to help specifically with your child’s class, contact the room parent.


Q. Can parents run with their kids?
A. Yes, the kids love it!


Q. Will there be any rest areas or water stations at the site?
A. Yes. There will be 2 water stations and should any child need to stop or rest we will have an area for that, too.


Q. What if my child does not want to participate?
A. This is a fun and exciting event that your child will definitely want to be a part of; however, if your child is sick, unable to participate or does not want to participate, they may sit along the side and watch or other arrangements can be made if necessary.