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Our Mission

The Coyote Creek Learning Fund (CCLF) is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to help maintain and enhance the quality of education at Coyote Creek Elementary School through the collaboration of parents, educators, and the community.


Our Goal

We need your help to reach our goal. Every dollar we raise helps all students at Coyote Creek - including yours!

Funding Facts - May 1, 2020

The budget for the 2019/20 school year is $378,000. Our fundraising goals versus actual amounts raised by event are listed below.

  Achieved Goal % Reached
Registration $195,877 $253,000 77%
Corporate Matching $70,937 $30,000 236%
Fun(d) Run $34,973 $20,000 175%
Spell-a-thon $22,181 $18,000 123%
Spring Gala $22,660 $45,000 50%
Community Partnership $6,500 $2,500 260%
Other $5,329 $9,010 59%

Donations to these fundraisers directly cover the following anticipated expenses, which are not otherwise funded by the district, state, or other funds:

  Spent Budget % Spent

Academic & Curriculum Enrichment







  • STEAM Enrichment Programs
$25,000 $32,500 77%
Event Expenses $3,197 $25,600 12%
Operating Expenses $10,706 $17,065 63%
2018/19 SRVUSD Invoices $42,703 N/A N/A

Academic & Curriculum Enrichment - Why?

Based on feedback from parents, we know you may be wondering why we need the enrichment programs that CCLF funds. These programs were added to our curriculum in the best interest of our students because research has consistently proven their benefits at the elementary school level, including the following:

  • Classroom aides (para educators) help students reach the highest level of achievement by pulling small groups of students out of the classroom and providing targeted instructional services thereby allowing teachers to work with smaller groups in their classroom.
  • Art and music instruction contribute to a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.
  • STEAM learning has been shown to promote problem solving, and creative and analytical thinking.
  • Library time helps improve a child’s vocabulary and language skills while also developing their imagination, empathy, concentration, and knowledge of the world around them.

Meet Our Paraprofessionals

Parent donations to CCLF provide our students with the benefit of para educators (who help reduce teacher-to-student ratio by providing instructional support in both math and reading across all grade and achievement level), librarian hours, technology instruction, music instruction, reading specialists, and STEM activities.

These programs are only possible because of YOUR donations to CCLF.

Click on each photo below to learn more about the work our paraprofessionals do at our school with our students.


Tracy Burgess, Para Educator


Adrienne Lanigan, Para Educator


Uthra Natarajan, Para Educator


Cynthia Sexton, Para Educator


Deborah Aiello, Instructional Assistant - Barton


Deb Bochenek, Instructional Assistant - Barton


Stephanie Hitchcock, Instructional Assistant


Deborah Chow, Librarian


Jana Johnson, Literacy & Response to Intervention Teacher


Jenifer Bertolero, Certified Music Instructor


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Thank you for your support!

An Affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation
CCLF is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID: 02-0740700