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Summer Activities

Looking for ideas to help maintain your child's writing, reading and math skills through the summer?  Below are some ideas that you can use throughout the summer.   This page will be updated throughout the summer with new ideas.  You can also purchase the Kindergarten workbooks at the Lakeshore Learning or Golden Apple stores.  Feel free to e-mail any questions you may have.  Have a fabulous summer!

Reading Activities

Read books every day. Go to the library and check out books to read. As you read a book discuss the story and characters. Act out or retell the story. Invite your child to read the book based on the pictures (pictures walk).

Writing Activities

Practice Writing the Alphabet - write upper case letters in sequence, write lower case letters in sequence, all letters must be written correctly using this special lined paper.

Writing paper - writing paper template you can use to draw pictures to tell a story and write a sentence.

Practice writing first and last name - use uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately.

Write about your summer adventures in a journal every week.

Write stories and turn it into a book for friends and family to read.

Math Activities

math facts

Every day math activities:

Counting objects around the house

Sorting objects based on size, color, shape, etc.

Making patterns with objects.

Solving every day problems (e.g. If there are 5 people and I have 3 cookies, how many more cookies do I need?)


Fine Motor Skills

Play dough / modeling clay / putty


Cutting out pictures

Coloring pictures with crayons or coloring pencils (staying in the lines :) ) 

Sewing and Lacing activities (e.g. beads)

Tear Art

Paint with droppers 

Make letters, numbers, or objects with wiki sticks 

Play the piano

Games on the Go

Here are some fun educational apps that your children will love to play while learning important skills at the same time.  You can download them from iTunes for electronic devices such as the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, etc.  If you come across any others please be sure to let us know and we can add it to the web site.

Language Arts:

  ABC Tracer + Words

  Phonics ABC

  iWrite Words

  Spell Blocks

  Word Magic

  Sight Words

  Teach Me Kindergarten

  Teach Me First Grade    

  ABC Pocket Phonics

  Dragon Dictation

  Smiley Sight Words


  Kindergarten Phonics


  123 Tracer

  Number Sense

  Penny Me

  Clock Master

  Basic Math

  Math Quizzer

  Pop Math

  Math train

  Cloud Math

  Math Bingo

  Math Quiz

  Math Drills Lite

  KidCalc 7 in 1

  Jungle Time