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Sharing - Letter of the Week

show and tell

Sharing consists of bringing an object from home and showing and telling the class something about that object.  Sharing a personal item and talking about it in front of friends is a fun way to practice speaking and listening skills.  We want all children to be successful with this experience, so please follow these guidelines:

  • Sharing items must correspond to the letter for that week.
  • Please allow your child to choose on object that begins with the letter of the week, so that they can tell about the object.
  • Sharing items can be something you find inside or outside your home.
  • Please do not go out and purchase anything.
  • A picture or drawing is great too, or even packaging (a Lucky Charms box for Ll week).
  • Please refrain from sending in toys as sharing objects.
  • Children may only bring a sharing item on their day.  Sharing Days are identified below.
  • If your child forgets their sharing on their day, they will have another chance the next week.  Please do not send sharing in on a different day.
  • If your child’s sharing day is a holiday, they may bring their sharing any day that week.
  • Please refrain from sending in items of personal or monetary value.
  • Please put names on all items brought in for sharing.

The sharing theme for the first week is Letter A.  Students are invited to bring in an item or a picture of an item that begins with the letter A.  This sharing program will begin in October and a schedule will be posted below at that time.


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